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Album: Track 5 on Dig
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not yet sonic
but I'd like to reach the point where I can say
yes I am
but it always seems to be about sensibilities
and not who's listening
no I'm not yet sonic
what's real in the art school
what's real in the white room
has yet to tell my conscience
who to trust my thoughts with
or who to love
you're oh so sonic

so and so fantastically boring
you're a fasion whore
being real is one thing
being nothing's something
but at this point
there's something wrong
chemically expensive hair
money that we wear
will get us what?
it kinda makes you think
only animals
are friends.... surreal friends
truly sonic

>> the sights
>> they're emeryonic
>> see what you want
>> I'm not quite sonic
>> the sounds
>> they're quadraphonic
>> semi-moronic
>> not quite sonic

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