Ian Dury and The Blockheads - Fuck Off Noddy Lyrics

Artist: Ian Dury and The Blockheads Lyrics
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Winnie The Pooh is having a wank
“And what are you up to?â€? said Tommy the Tank
Peter the Rabbit is at it as well
And all the young pixies in Dingelydell

Singing: “fuck off Noddy, you stupid pratâ€?
“Fuck off Noddy in your rotten hatâ€?

Sinbad the Sailor is drunk as a sack
Mary Contrary is flat on her back
Pinky and Perky are having a snog
Little Miss Muffet’s been sick as a dog

Singing: “fuck off Noddy, you little prickâ€?
“Fuck off Noddy, you get on my wickâ€?

Happy and Dopey are smoking a joint
Sneezy’s flaked out, he can’t see the point
“Fuck this for a larkâ€? said Sweet Jack of Hearts
“Which one of you bastards has shit on my tarts?â€?

Singing: “fuck off Noddy you bloodless berkâ€?
“Fuck off Noddy, you’re just a jerkâ€?

Fuck off Noddy, you smelly turd
Fuck off Noddy you’re so absurd
Fuck off Noddy you stupid prat
Fuck off Noddy in your rotten hat
Fuck off Noddy you little wimp
Fuck off Noddy you’re a piss brained shrimp
Fuck off Noddy you stupid prat
Fuck off Noddy in your rotten hat

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