Ian Hunter - Laugh at Me Lyrics

Writer(s) : BONO, SONNY
Artist: Ian Hunter Lyrics
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Why can I be like any guy?
Why do they try
To make me run
Son of a gun

Now, what do they care
About the clothes I wear?
Why get their kicks
From making fun

Yeah, this world's
Got a lot of space
And if they don't like my face
It ain't me that's
Going any where, no

So I don't care
Then laugh at me
If that's love affair
I have to beg to be free

Then baby laugh at me
And I'll cry for you
And I'll pray for you
And I'll do all the things

That the man up stairs
Says to do
I'll do 'em for you
I'll do 'em
I'll do 'em all for you

It's gotta start some place
It's gotta start some how
I'll make that other cheek mine
And maybe the next guy
That don't wear a silk tie

He can walk by and say hi
Say hi instead of why
Instead of a why
Instead of why, baby
Instead of why
What did I do to you?

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