Ian Hunter - Leave Me Alone Lyrics

Artist: Ian Hunter Lyrics
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I love your sulky eyes,
I love your raven hair
I often fantasize
A beautiful affair,
A broken paradise
Cause you don't even care
I love your sultry smile,
I love to see you dance
Sometimes it drives me wild
To know I've got no chance
Your boyfriend doesn't see
You're flirting, teasing me

Why don't you leave me alone,
Leave me alone?
Won't you leave me alone,
Leave me alone

Sometimes I'll act OK,
Sometimes I'll try and hide
But when you look at me,
I fall apart inside
Across a broken sea
You took me for a ride


Other lovers go home
And I'm left here alone
With my heart in my hand
I just can't understand
Why you treat me this way
I just got to say

[Chorus: x2]

(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
Why don't you leave me,
Leave me alone, oh)

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