Ian Hunter - Lounge Lizard Lyrics

Writer(s) : Hunter, Ian
Artist: Ian Hunter Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Ian Hunter
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Well I picked her up on a Saturday night
Pool hall poison but she felt alright
Oh dear what a sight when I saw her in the light of day
She was a speakeasy sleazer of the highest degree
Oh you should hear the stories she was laying on me
We really got it on as she held my point of view

Oh! She's a lounge lizard
Coming on strong
Who you fooling
It's me you're with
Lounge lizard
Come on come on
You got to be joking
Give give give yeah

Well I don't care if your sister's a john
I don't mind where your momma come for
Just give it to me
Just pull it through me

Golly is a dolly got makeup on
I don't mind just keep your raincoat on
No hesitation, no reputations to scale us


Hey hey hey hey hey hey

[Chorus x 2]

I said give give give
Give give give [Repeat x 4]

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