Ian Hunter Read 'em 'N' Weep Lyrics

Artist: Ian Hunter
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Album: Track 11 on Shrunken Heads
Length: 5:02

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On a warm summer day, in the hour of my youth
I walked the four miles to your door
You wore a straw hat, high heels to match
And the whitest cotton dress I ever saw
When I tried to hold you, you turned away
You don't have to tell me, it's all over your face
I can see the writing on the wall
And there's a distance in your eyes that says it all

Read it and weep
I can't get no sleep
'Cos I know you won't change your mind tomorrow
I'm sinking under, I don't wanna lose you
This emptiness is more than I can handle
You gave me no reason, but you gave me rhyme
I put the words to music and I was out of my mind
All I've got's the letters that I keep
And sometimes just before I go to sleep

I read 'em 'n' weep
You swept me off my feet
Now I know, time's the only healer
This jealousy hurts
The thought of seeing you with someone else
Cuts like a knife
Into the heart of me
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Life is a river
It twists and it turns
But I'll get over you babe
I'll live and I'll learn
The paper's full of January sales
I guess I won't be buying fairytales

Read 'em 'n' weep
Cryin' in my sleep
'Cos I know I'm gonna be alone tomorrow
And I walked the four miles
Yeah I walked the four miles
In tears and sorrow
This was the story, here's where it ends
Next time I'll be wiser
I won't get let down again
I wanted you so badly, but I failed
Now all I got's these little paper trails

Read 'em 'n' weep
Read 'em 'n' weep
Oh yeah
Read 'em 'n' weep
Read 'em 'n' weep
Ah, ha

I wanted you so badly, but I failed
Now all I got's these little paper trails
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