Ian Hunter Shrunken Heads Lyrics

Artist: Ian Hunter
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Length: 7:45

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I got a big one
It's me, I didn't mean to wake you
I owe you an apology about last night
Well I was just letting off steam
Black dog lurking in the alleyway
Alcohol arriving with the key
Open up the floodgates and out it comes
Like a river full of graffiti

Little beads of poison
Letting out the venom
One thing for certain baby
I got a big mouth

I'll change
I promise you, I'm gonna change
I gotta turn a new leaf
And this will be the very last time
I put my foot in it
Black dog putting these words in my mouth
Well don't take any notice of them
I don't mean to vent my spleen
I hate it when that happens

Just words
Cruel little clusters
Making the vernacular
One thing for certain baby
I got a big mouth, I got a big mouth

Don't leave
I'm beggin' you please don't leave
These words are only make believe
You can take 'em with a grain of salt
Words can eat a man alive

Black dog rotting in some broken bar
Handclaps rattling my bones
Hound dogs fading into wilderness
And I just wanna come home

Nasty little lizards,
Grammatical bacteria
One thing's for certain baby
I got a big mouth, I got a big mouth
I got a big mouth, yeah

Just words
I'm getting on your nerves
Little shops of horrors
I got a big mouth

Yakity yakity yakity yak
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