Ice Cube It Takes a Nation Lyrics

Artist: Ice Cube
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 3:26

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There are seven known wonders of the world,
You about to witness the eighth ************

[Verse 1]
I got King Kong in my trunk,
King Kong in my doors
My nuts play ping-pong from the noise;
You can hear me from a block away
I'm sitting next to your *** and cant hear what you got to say
My **** is loud, my ears is ringing
My paint job is wet
My chrome is gleaming
I feel like a vet ballin' on these rookies
An old-school bully, you must have played hooky
I bring it like a bookie,
My aggression is depressing
Don't give a ************ time to learn his lesson
A lunatic, yall know what I represent
The only rapper that wanna fist-fight the president

It takes a nation of *****s to hold us back [Repeat: x4]

[Verse 2]
When I bang this its dangerous
*****s go brainless
So bang this with the four-five stainless
And understand that you looking at the famous
West-coast rapper who act like an anus
Hollywood, they thought they could tame this
Pit-bull, but I know what the game is
Them ****ers cheat like an NBA ref
If you smoke one now,
They'll electrocute you to death
I got god on my intellect
Godzilla by the neck
When the ***** come through, who you wanna holla at
Ghostwriters hit the deck
When ya boi got a tech
Where the **** is Africa-Bamabata at
We need to take it back, **** Viacom
Clear Clear Channel and Radio One
You ************s programmed by the programmers
That's why you getting locked up by the dope slammers
Not me


[Verse 2]
They music so fluffy, I'ma stay gutter
That **** is kinda popcorn, my **** is so butter
My style never change in 22 summers
Straight independent and doing my numbers
This **** don't sell, you know I'm still paid
So sour-puss *****s, can drink lemonade
I'm doin' it for the love
You doing it because
You need that advancement to spend on them dubs
I don't need a penny, but I need many
Don't worry bout ma money boi, cause I got plenty
You ************s worry bout flossing so much
You don't know the fundamentals, you forgot how to brush
These thirty-two teeth
Will give your *** grief
Bite you like a fat burger if you got beef
So whose it gonna be, your favorite MC
Your scared of the government, they scared of me
Now what?


It takes a nation of *****s and streets of crack
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