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Artist: Ice Cube Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Laugh Now, Cry Later
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[Ice Cube]
Ice Cube ************
West coast ************

George Bush, George Clinton, Bill Clinton
Chris Farley, Chris Rock, Bob Marley
Rick James, knew how to throw a party
"Smoke some weed!"
Snoop Dogg, all the way to Cheech and Chong
Cypress Hill, Robert Downey hit the bong
Ricky Williams, **** how Miami feeling
"Smoke some weed!"

[Chorus: Ice Cube]
This is West coast ***** thinking
California quicksand got a ***** sinking
I can give a **** what you *****s drinking
"Smoke some weed!"
This is West coast ***** thinking
California quicksand got a ***** sinking
I can give a **** what you *****es drinking
"Smoke some weed!"

[Ice Cube]
If you a baller, ***** I'm a hall of famer
Lion tamer, with two fo'-fifth flamers
Understand, that yo' life's in danger
Didn't your momma, tell you not to talk to strangers
Lil' *****, I'm the Hillside Strangler
Have a banger, calling for the Lone Ranger
Most rappers, they wanna **** sangers
I'm a *****, that wanna bone T'Penga
G4, pull it up out the hanger
A lil' something, to fuel you *****s anger
The swine, I'm your face rearranger
In a mansion cause Jesus born in a manger
************, belong on Jerry Springer
I'm a gangsta, up in your CD changer
I'll gank ya, for 20 bucks then I'll thank ya
Police, still get the middle finger


[Ice Cube]
Lil' *****s, don't try this at home
Momma in the bathroom leave her *** alone
Cause she probably taking chronic straight to the dome
Go play you lil' ****er, stop being grown
Dave Chappelle, 50 million and a throne
With a big Zulu *****, ***** getting blown
Watch your tone, if your wear Coppertone
Go back to Africa used to be a theme song
I'm in the zone, do anybody got a zone
I ain't your poppa, but daddy is a rolling stone
You'se a clone, who don't know the **** you on
Unless it's on, a **********ing ringtone
I'm in a room with two bottles of Patron
You need a loan, to **** with the Family Stone
***** go on, tell 'em Ice Cube is home
Gorilla *****s, here come King Kong


[Ice Cube]
Ice Cube ************
West coast ************
"Smoke some weed!"

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