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Album: Track 9 on Laugh Now, Cry Later
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[Ice Cube]
Ice Cube (yeah!)
Callin' from a California state penitentiary
(Let me out this ************)
We got over two million ************s locked up
(Let me out this ************) Stop snitchin'

Now how many MC's must get booed
Before somebody say don't **** with Cube (you know!)
I'll strip you nude (butt-***) in your living room
Face down, paralyzed from the waist down
I'm a buckin' clown, but don't **** around
Doin' movies now, but I'll lay you down
South Central style, pull them thangs out
Don't make a millionaire have to send you there
You know the story of the tortoise ***** and the hare
***** run ***** run never get there
I'ma walk, **** a ***** when I get there
***** this a marathon, ask Farrakhan
**** the cemetery that I'm buried on (**** 'em)
The blood of Ice Cube got to carry on (forever)
Forever what the **** are they yellin'?
"Gangsta Gangsta," ***** stop tellin' stop snitchin'

You can have whatever you want
In the hood, it's do's and don'ts
So when it get hot in this kitchen
Stop snitchin', ***** stop snitchin'

[Ice Cube]
Microphone master, super rhyme maker
Gun blaster, who's the life taker (who?)
Who the **** is a lifetime Laker?
I slap the Maybeline off Tammy Faye Baker
Who the **** got more than an acre?
In Los Angeles I got to have paper
I'm a *****, don't talk to my neighbors
Straight *******, always up in Vegas (yay yay)
Lay it out for these *****s to follow
Get the point, but these points is hollow
Now this here, is hard to swallow
But if you do it's like hittin' the lotto
Little ***** with big bravado
Hit the throttle *****s hit the bottle
Can give a **** if they life is hollow
Where the **** was you, when I rocked the Apollo, *****?

Ay, who put this thing together? Me, that's who
Who I trust? Who I trust? me, thats who!

***** ***** *****, can't you see
Somehow your words incarcerate me
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Lock me up in my prime, Muhammad Ali
Get out whoop yo' *** like Muhammad Ali
Rumble in the Jungle, ***** don't play Dumbo
In the hood ***** known as Columbo
Get the people on the phone, tell the jumble
Spit fluid and swear he didn't do it
Got my bottom ***** locked up with Martha Stewart
She say she had the hoe cookin' deep dish
She say Martha ****in' cook fish and eat fish
Westside y'all *****s got to peep this
That's your weakness, can't keep a secret
Don't say ****, boy that's basic
They want to send a ***** back to the slave ship
Stop snitchin


You can have whatever you choose
But out here, it's don'ts and do's
So after we finish this mission
Stop snitchin', ***** stop snitchin'


[Swizz Beatz: Repeat: x4]
One two, in the place to be
You rockin' with Ice Cube, and the homey Swizz Beatz

Keep your ****in' mouth shut man

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