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Goddamn it's a brand new payback
From the straight ****s the mack and straights ganks the black
How many ************s gotta pay
Went to the shelf and dusted off the AK
Cops gotta get pealed
'Cause the ***** you love to hate still can kill at will
It ain't no pop 'cause that sucks
And you can new jack swing on my nuts
Down wit the *****s that I bail out
I'm platinum ***** and I didn't have to sell out
**** you Ice Cube, that's what the people say
**** America still wit the triple K
Cause you know when my nine goes buck
It will bust your head like a watermelon dropping 12 stories up
Now let's see who'll drop
Punk ************s trying to ban hip-hop
**** are and be and the running man
I'm the one to stand wit the gun in hand
Make sure before you buck wit duck quick
Punk, 'cause I'm the wrong ***** to **** wit

Hell yea, zone you better tell 'em
Ice Cube and I'm rolling wit the **********ing LM
It's the number one crew in the area
Make a move for your gat and I'll bury ya
Ashes to ashes, dirt to dirt
Punks roaming what I put in work
'Cause Lenchmob *****s are the craziest
And y'all ************s can't fade my ****
South Central, that's where the Lenchmob dwell
Hitting fools up wit the big *** L
One time can't hold me back
Sweatshirt, khakis and crokersacs
Stop giving juice to the Raiders
'Cause Al Davis never paid us
I hope he wear a vest
It's all about the L-E-N-see-H why'all know the rest
**********ing crew, **********ing mob
Doing **********ing job in a **********ing squad
In '91 Ice Cube grew strong and bigger
And I'm the wrong ***** to **** wit

Like I said, it's a brand new payback
9-91, Let's see who beats the jack
Sir Jinx grew a little bit taller
(beat the wack beats out) to **********ing baller
And hoes can't row on
Even *****es looking like En Vogue gotta hold on
Don't let me catch Daryl Gates in traffic
I gotta have it, to peal his cap backwards
I hope he wear a vest too and his best blew
Going up against the Zulu
Break his spine like a jellyfish
Kick his *** til it smells of ****
Off wit the head, off wit the head I say
And watch the devil start kicking
Run around like a chicken, grand dragon finger licking
Yo, turn him over wit a spatula
Now he got Kentucky Fried cracker
Mess wit the Cube, you get pump quick
Pig, cause I'm the wrong ***** to **** wit

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