You Gotta Lotta That Lyrics

Ice Cube

publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Roba Music
writers: Calvin Broadus, Craig Love, La Marquis Jefferson, Ou0027shea(ice Cube) Jackson, Jonathan Smith
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Hey, you wit the ***
You wit the ***
Come here

What's your name girl
Who you come wit
I'm with Snoop Dogg
And my whole click

[Chorus: x2]
A ***** need a shot a that
And I know where they got it at
Damn girl you gotta lotta that
Why don't'cha let a real ***** goin' and handle that

Look at you girl, light brown, *** round
Feel like a ***** chasin' down a rebound
It's bouncin' like a basketball
If you got no *** at all
Sorry girl but you won't make the casting call
Skinny *****es need to find that nutritious
**** that makes yo *** so thick and delicious
Is it the food or is it the water
That make your daughter show what momma taught her

Come here, let me whisper in your ear
Tell you all that bullshit that you want to hear
You'll probably hate my ****in' guts in a year
But right about now, you like a *****s style, huh?
How I talk, how I smell, how I smile
How I faint, how I ****, how I growl
**** with me, you get your meat and your vegetables
**** with him, you get a ****in' metro sexual
You want a man stronger than you
Not a ************ in the mirror longer than you
Break a nail and his punk *** lookin' for glue
You want a ***** with a hard **** lookin' at you


You came up there lookin' all cute and stuff
You and yo home girl, a pimp couldn't get enough
You talk that ****, like you wasn't up there just to ****
But guess what, now ***** you with us
Yeah have a sip, go take a puff
Go and split another blunt, now roll it up
What's yo name, a ***** love how you came
You just in need of some game
And I got that good thing
Yeah it's a west side hood thing
Let you party all day and hit you with that ding-a-lang
I got that good **** lollipop
And once I get up in ya, I make that body rock
You's a thick little bad *****, walk with a switch
All you need now is some gangsta ****
It's the Big Bowwizow, you know I'm on the prizow
Doggie Shizow to make your kitty cat meow
Big beak, freak-a-leak, **** some sleep
And don't tell me that I'm in to deep
OK, alright,
West side baby girl, we do it all night


Do yo thing girl, **** what they lookin' at
Shake it for me mami, work that ***** cat
Do yo thing girl, **** what they lookin' at
Shake it for me mami, work that ***** cat
Put it on me girl, what the **** you scared of
We just in the club actin' like we makin' love
I know you full a liquor, put it on my zippa
Drop it down now, and throw it on a *****


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