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[Ice T]
Yeah last year a lot of ************s ask me
Why did you no ??? some ****
But this year I went to Miami and got my ******
From 2 Live Brother Marquis in the house

[Brother Marquis]
Yeah I am the **********in' ******

[Ice T]
Yeah we are goin' to answer the questions about girl problems
Always ****** has his girl problem Marq
[Brother Marquis] Ah tell'em man tell'em
[Ice-T] Lemme tell you what time is it

I got a whore from the east
Got a whore from the west
Got a whore that likes to jack it off
And rub it in her chest
I got a whore from the north
A whore from the south
A whore that likes to suck at long and hold it in her mouth
I got a ***** with hair
A ***** with none
A ***** with a knife
A ***** with a gun
A ***** with an *** bigger than the T.V. set
And there is a ***** over there
Hey the one I am gonna get
But yo, maybe not, she might not like me though
No sweat to event
I sell my sister though, word.
I sell the whole damn herd
I **** em all and leave em on the curve
I got a ***** with a mic
Who like perfecter link
Who likes to **** me with her *** up on the kitchen sink
Got a ***** with ****
A ***** with ***
A ***** with none
But hey I give her the best

But I love em all I love em crazily
And they love me back that's why they stay with me
So if you have a girl problem
I'll be there for you son
Got 99 problems and a ***** ain't one
Hit it

No a ***** ain't one

I got a ***** that's old
A ***** who is new
A ***** who likes velvet in the colors blue
I got a ***** who is fat
A ***** who is built
A ***** that all her ******* give up her milk
I got a ***** who is funny
A ***** who ain't
A ***** who can sing
A ***** who can't
A ***** who love ****in' on the airplane
I even got a ***** off soul train (not for sure)
I got a ***** who is over ragged up pins
Long ends
I got a ***** who is broke as a bum
But she is the most fun
I got a ***** who play piano
A ***** who don't
A ***** who dances naked
A ***** who won't
A ***** who's short
A ***** who's tall
A ***** who burns my pager with priority calls


Yo Marquis you from Miami man,
Why won't you show those ************s all the over the world
That 2 Live style of how a ***** is threated
************ a ****** like you

[Brother Marquis]
I got 99 problems a ***** ain't one
I am going not to threat any whores
Cause I don't need none of em
Push them to temptation
Ditch to persuasion
All the whores suck ****
****** how you play em
that's why I don't sleep with em
I just freak on em
Gig the **** in their mouth
Take it out
And I sky on them
That ****** that white nighter
The ***** exciter
I only love my whores when I go up inside em
Problem number one is gettin' money
I rather take the green than sit the honey
So don't expect none
Cause I ain't offering
And I go hunting my ***** cause I ain't softening
Cause I never never softening
Pulling demands on em
****in' em and scream on them
The wham bamb thank you mam
The game is ran on em
So **** how you feel
You are ****in' cheap thrill
I hope you took the pill I won't pay the bill
Getting ***** is just another expense
Your ***** pays the bills
The **** pays the rent
I only need a hope from one thing and that's to come
I've got 99 problems and a ***** ain't one

You Marquis my **********in' you got problems man ?
A ***** ain't one
Ah ****
Let me tell you how to do that ****

[Ice-T & (Marquis)]
(I got a ***** that loves to gink)
She'll **** you
After she ****s me
(I got a ***** who loves both)
I got a ***** who loves handcuffs and ropes
I got a ***** that's fast
A ***** that's slow
(A ***** that is a virgin
And a ***** that is a hoe)
A ***** that lies
(A ***** that trues)
A ***** who is a man
Because they are *****es too
I got a ***** that is cool
(A ***** that is hut)
A ***** who loves rap
A ***** who loves rock
A ***** who is lost
And one who know what is that
She gets right in front of me
And posses like a cat

[Brother Marquis]
I got a ***** that runs
I got a ***** that walks
I got a ***** that yells
I got a ***** who talk

I got a ***** that is dirty
Got a ***** that is neat
I got a super farm ***** that I am not gonna swap me


No a ***** ain't one
Ah, you know a ***** ain't one

You know what I am saying
I got problems my **********in' rent Marquis
But a ***** ain't one

[Brother Marquis]
Maybe got yourself nothing man
*******s ******

A ***** ain't one
I got a problems stay out here on the streets
With the police tryin' to take them out
You know
But a ***** ain't one
Got problems ************s
Buying my records
But a ***** ain't one

[Brother Marquis]
**** em all
**** em ************

You know what I am saying
A ***** ain't one
Got problems man
[Brother Marquis]
All of ************s kiss my **********in' ***

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