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Artist: Icehouse Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Big Wheel
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Always stand in the shadows,
Turn your back to the light
Now we want to see the face
Behind the name

Cross your palm with silver,
See it shining so bright
You know there has to be
Someone to take the blame

You better think about it, Judas
You may be headline news yet, Judas
You better get it straight now, Judas
You better be damned sure, Judas

So you thought you could take a little piece,
Well, kiss it all good-bye
Only losers can play that kind of game, yeah
I've heard people talking, how do you sleep at night?
Nobody told you how to pay the price of fame

You better think about it

It`s up to you now, wrong or right
It`s on your head now, the hand of fate
Think about it, think about it
So there is just one simple question,
Can you tell me why?
Would you say that it was worth it in the end?

You better get it straight now, Judas
You better be damned sure
You better think about it, Judas

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