Icehouse - The Flame Lyrics

Writer(s) : Davies, Ivor Arthur
Artist: Icehouse Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Measure for Measure
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On the edge of the city
In the dust of the daylight
There's a place
Where the truth cannot hide

There's no hell and no heaven
No sense in believing
All you have is your hope
And your pride

Rusting iron, bricks and paper
Hold each other for shelter
So you sleep
And you call it home

You may just hear
The sound of the calm
Before the storm

In my heart of the country
Far away from the town
Working day after day
In the factories and mines

And your name is a number
And your color is black
It's the color of midnight
And coal

Well, the young men are restless
And the old men are tired
Always working for nothing
And being alone

You can feel the heat of the calm
Before the storm

[Chorus: ]
Well, you can move a mountain
And shut out the sky
You can put out the fire
But the flame won't die

As the smoke settles slowly
And the crowd clears away
The shouting is over
They have nothing to say

Nineteen voices of silence
Lying dead in the street
Nineteen voices are still now
Ten thousand will fight

And you might know the voice of the calm
Before the storm

[Chorus: 2X]

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