Idina Menzel - Larissa's Lagoon Lyrics

Writer(s) : Menzel, Idina / Davis, Milton
Artist: Idina Menzel Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Still I Can't Be Still
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Down in Larissa's lagoon
She sits by the light of the moon
She's hearing voices in her head
She must be strong
She must not give in to their song
She's hearing voices in her head

Down in Larissa's lagoon
Her guests, they sleep in separate rooms
But her father comes to tuck her into bed
She's lost her mind
Got no control
And there's nowhere else to go
When her father comes to tuck her into bed

But Larissa woke up one morning singing,
"Hallelujah, remember me for my passion,
The paradise that I imagined, hallelujah."

Down in Larissa's lagoon
The skies, they never look blue
'Cause someone spiked the rain
With a little extra juice
She thinks she's being followed
Any minute she'll be swallowed
Someone spiked this rain
With a little extra juice


Hallelujah... Hallelujah... Hallelujah... Hallelujah
Down in Larissa's lagoon
There is no force that's greater
Looming deep within a very, very, very troubled girl
She stays awake for hours
Picking out the sweetest flowers
To lay upon the grave of a very, very troubled girl


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