Idina Menzel - My Own Worst Enemy Lyrics

Writer(s) : Menzel, Idina / Ballard, Glen
Artist: Idina Menzel Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on I Stand
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In the roses, in the spring, I remember
There was a time I wasn't afraid of anything
With the lilacs and the rain
One day you went away
I remember
I forgot everything

My mother's always trying to tell me
How to be grateful, how to believe
My father's always trying to say
Baby, you're beautiful in every way
My lover's always got me in his arms
Trying to protect me, keep me from harm
So why do I always have to be
My worst, my own worst enemy

In the shadows, in the grays, in the lonely

There is a place
Where we can all hide away
But in the windows of the soul
There is nowhere we can go
If we keep running
Running from our destiny

Say I walk on water
Say I walk on the moon
But it's never enough
No it's never enough, no it's never enough
Say I'm only human
It's all in my head
But it's never enough
No it's never enough, no it's never enough
One day I'll find my alibi

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