Ima Robot - Dangerous Life Lyrics

Writer(s) : Nikolic, Filip / Ebert, Alex / Bendeth, David
Artist: Ima Robot Lyrics
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Say, can't you see?
The outside is a lie
Come inside - We can hide
Out of reach
And back out the day
We invite you to die
Out of time, out of mind
Trez cool!
(Pre/post chorus)
We're changing
Love with strangers
If you wanna die
From all the lies
Then say goodbye
Come on, let's go!
For a little ride!
We'd love to help you lose your mind!
Come on let's go!
(Post chorus)
Say that it's a dream
Tell me I am not involved,
Take my name up off the wall
And I won't scream
Cuz tonight this is our world
Forget the war and what it's for
Just shut the door
and lose the key
(Pre Chorus)
(Post Chorus)
We'd love to help you lose your mind! (x4)
We'd love to help you lose your mind! (xinfinity)

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