Reality Radio Lyrics

Imani Coppola

album: Track 8 in album Afrodite
release date: 2004-8-1
popularity : 4 users have visited this page.
genres: Electronic Hip Hop
styles: Leftfield/RnB/Swing/Synth-pop
length: 3:34

Cover Art

Imani Coppola Afrodite cover art
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Put us on an independent film for the whole entire world to see
√ęCause everybody's watchin' you and me, cause they can't seem to just let it be
So let's put us on a television show to ease their curiosity

It's an E true story, sex and drugs and tragedy
The next cliche we found God and the rest is history
And the whole wide world was watchin' Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie...huh! No!

The way I feel
(uh huh)
The way I feel
(that's how I feel)
the way I feel
(this is real)
that this is real

I'd like to make a comedy of everything that's occurred between you and me
put it on a television show, in place of that Anna Nicole Smith Stupidity
Cause everybody loves an idiot; cause it makes them act more intelligently
So lets stop the show survivor and show them what's reality

You and me are sinkin' on the good ship lollipop
There's only one life preserver to make the drownin' stop
And I veto the vote to get kicked to the curb
Kicked to the curb, kicked to the curb
So hold my hand and hold your nose
And get ready for a moon lit dip honey

The way I feel
(Uh Huh)
The way I feel
(That's how I feel)
The way I feel
(This is real)
That this is real

Let's go on a talk show spree Oprah Winfrey will you give us some money
And then Jenny Jones can give me a makeover when you lose interest in having sex with me
And when we're married and ready for babies Ricky Lake will help prove that it's yours
And then we'll go on the Price Is Right and see what's behind those golden doors

(Gasp) It's a refrigerator
(Gasp) It's a car
(Gasp) It's a brand new house
(Gasp) It's a trip around the world

There's no more secrets to reveal
We can admit that this is real
I can't escape the way I feel
We can admit that this is real

The way I feel
(Uh Huh)
The way I feel
(That's how I feel)
The way I feel
(This is real)
That this is real

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