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Album: Track 3 on Testimony, Volume 2: Love & Politics
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There are places in Havannah,
That remind me of Savannah.
Parts of West Virgina,
That might as well be Kenya.
Parts of New York City,
Parts of Mississippi.
Parts of Tennessee,
Look like another world to me.

Oh, oh oh, Ghetto-o-o-o,
Might as well be another country.
Might as well be another country.
When you look around,
You live in another country too (too).

To be hungry in L.A.
Is just like starving in Bombay.
Homeless in Moracco,
Is a shelter in Chicago.
Right around the corner,
Just down the road.
Right before your eyes,
Right under your nose.


Now the dictionary says,
That the ghetto is a place
Of minority, and poverty, and over population.
We live on this earth together,
Ain't no separation.
When you're looking down,
From outer space.
We're just a human race and the world is a

Listen every place and every country.
It's in every place and every country.
When you look around,
Do you see your brother when you
Look around?
It's a small world after all.
Look around,
You live in another country too.

(ghetto) Jamaica is a ghetto
(ghetto) Japan is a ghetto
(ghetto) America's a ghetto
(ghetto) Slovakia's a ghetto
(ghetto) South Africa's a ghetto
(ghetto) Brazil is a ghetto
(ghetto) Israel is a gheto

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