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Every time I hear you say hello
All I see is yellow
Like daisies in the meadow
And I just thought you should know
That every time you go away, my yellow turns to gray
What I'm trying to say is it shouldn't be this way
And I need you to stay

Stay with me in the yellow [Repeat: x3]
Oh I need you to stay, stay with me in the yellow [Repeat: x3]

When you're away from me
I get green with envy
Wondering where you could be
And this ain't how it should be
But you know I'm a Georgia peach
I need your sunshine on me
You know how I can't be I get blue and lonely
And I need you to stay


There times you make me see red
And then you shine your white
I get all pink inside
You know your the love of my life
Together me and you are purple
Because we are so wild
And whenever we are this close
I never want to let go
I need you to stay

Stay with me in the, stay with me in the


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