Innocence Mission Umbrella Lyrics

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I am going out now, darling.
Pass me my umbrella, darling.
I wear it like a crutch,
to the ground,
like a shade
and nothing comes down on me.

I walk along beside the drivers.
How ever do they drive so bravely?
When I still hear the bang-
sudden bang in my head-
and the scar runs on my face.
And on my hands, they held the wheel.
And on my mind, it was distracted.

And saved from scarring anybody else,
I'm lodged between the could-haves, could-haves.
I want you to be proud of me,
proud of me, proud.
And how can you be?
When I wear my umbrella like this.
When I dwell on myself like this.
When I need to be reassured like this.

You dance around with my umbrella.
You dance around the obvious weaknesses.
Around the room with my umbrella.
You dance around the room with me.
I see us in the mirror going by-
look at my happy face!
See what you do for me
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