Innuendo - Can't Wait (The Proposal) Lyrics

Artist: Innuendo Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Innuendo
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hey lovely lady
what's on your mind
I've been trying to figure it out
all through the night
if it is about us
I guess I know just what to say
'cos I've been waiting for all my life
for this particular day
now that we are all alone
I want you to know
baby throw your rears away
I just have to say
I can't wait another day without you
every single minute seems so long
I can't imagine no one else beside me
you're the one I always want
to come home to
my only woman
don't you be afraid
I could never lay a hand
on your pretty face
don't you ever think
that I could be untrue
as far as I'm concern baby
the future is you
I wanna hold you , all through the night
I wanna please you , hold me tight
I need you to be in my life
just say you want me to be your man
so won't you come with , take my hand
'cos I want you to be my wife
Repeat chorus

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