Insane Clown Posse Eminem's Mom Lyrics

Artist: Insane Clown Posse
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What up dawg,
what you been up to?
Oh Yeah well thats cool,
check it out
Me and you,
we been down for awhile right,
We been here and there,
we been pretty tight
Something happened last night that you might get upset about
But here me out
I didn't mean nothin by it
I'm gonna make this quick,
i've been given your mom this dick
I don't know how it happened
I just know my nuts and
the bitch was slappin
I was over there mowin the grass
and i could feel her eyes all up on my ass
I went inside to make a phone call,
And there she was with a titty hangin out her bra
One thing just led to another,
and the next thing you know i been fuckin your mother

Please don't hate me but i been fuckin your mom loose lately
Please don't hate me
I never said i love the ho
Please don't hate me but i been fuckin your mom loose lately
Never shoulda trusted a juggalo

Don't hang up i still got more
Your momma gives head like a heroin whore.
I wasn't thinkin how you was my bud
When she spreaded my butt cheeks and went for the milk dud
We broke out with your grampa's gin and got drunk
I fucked her with a bowlin pin
She was freaky her niipples look like peanuts
Your mom is one of my favorite sluts
She likes lickin from the back of my balls to the tip of my dick
wtih one big lick
She calls me her big teddy bear
Growl, i chase her around in my underwear
I'll admit i like spankin her butt
I used your sock to catch my nut
Don't worry i put it back
I new i better, thats prolly why yo toes been stickin together


Please don't hate me
Maybe they call you the termihater
Please don't hate me
If this was a swamp, you would be an allihater
Please don't hate me
We could use a cold glass of haterade
Please don't hate me
sure come on up take the elehater

Your mom's ass looks like oatmeal yo
Its bumpy and grainy,
I like the feel though
And i ain't tryin to diss her either
I'm only sayin i wish she would trim her beaver some.
Every hair is like a foot long
Bitch looks like a werewolf wearin a thong sometimes
Its alright with me though
I don't mind as long as i can locate the pee hole
And your dad's so dumb
He's knowin nothig here
I'm stuffin her muffin
Not to mention the pickle buffin
And i hope me and you are still cool
I'm spendin the night so she can drive me to school tomorrow
And we plan on fuckin again
Alright, i'll talk to later, Peace Eminem

Chorus (til fades)
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