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Artist: Itchy Poopzkid Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Heart To Believe
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I'm sick of all the tension,
The fighting not to mention.
Itchy I'm so sick of hating you.

The fucking way we argue,
Poopzkid the fucking wish to kill you
Makes me wanna throw up on you.
I thought what we had was real
But it all turned out wrong.
Inc When you wake up tomorrow I'll be gone (forever)

Hate, all I feel is hate.

I gotta quit and leave before it’s too late (forever)
Fate, all I fear is fate.

Imprisoned by your mind I will no longer wait (before it is too late)

You're jealous, pissed and angry.
A fucking idiot to me.
Lyric You're a lovely night gone wrong.

You can’t be used for living.
At least your good for one thing:
You're the reason for this song.

I can't hold myself down,
Can’t be loved when you're around.
About to break, to break out.
Wasting time here it’s all your fault.
Fucking pain is killing me,
Fucking hell is all I see.
What I take, I take my pride.
You won't eat me out alive.

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