J-Live - All In Together Now Lyrics

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Gonna, gonna, gonna-gonna-gonna blaze the cold rock stuff

Yo, with all due respect, not trynna toot my own horn or nothing
But, I'm pretty good at this shit man
Yo, even with a half assed style knowimsayin
Even with a half assed style matter fact, for all y'all niggas
I'm a do this shit real slow are you read?

[Verse One]
Every now and then you... see it on the menu
Grab that shit kid... everybody else did
J-Live records... stay respected
That's that old shit... now its just hot kid
Save it for the flavor... do your self a favor
Don't hold back now... ain't it just wack how
So hard to come by... and the sound done fly
Heads used to slay that... I dare you not to play that

Bring it back
Every now and then you, save it for the flavor
See it on the menu, do your self a favor
Grab that shit kid, don't hold back now
Everybody else did, ain't it just wack how
J-Live records, so hard to come by
Stay respected, and the sound done fly
That's that old shit, heads used to slay that
Now its just hot kid, dare you not to play that

All in together now (no, not yet) (X8)

[Verse Two]
Theres so many of these... wack ass emcees
Try as they might... they just cant get it right
Family traditions... require me to diss'em
Don't even really miss'em... they keep me in they system
Cuz I got the true school rhyme style... shouldn't even speak on it
The way that I freak it... is kinda top secret
Handed down to me... the microphones and crowds
After they gone... J-Live rocks on

Cuz theres so many of these, true school rhyme style
Wack ass emcees, shouldn't even speak on it
Try as they might, the way that I freak it
They just cant get it right, its kinda top secret
Family traditions, handed down to me
Require me to diss'em, the microphones and crowds
Don't even really miss'em, After they gone
They keep me in they system, J-Live rocks on

All in together now (no, not yet) (X8)

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