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Artist: J-five Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Sweet Little Nothing
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hey baby who's that chump crashing on your couch no one? no one? you did what what!!? I said what's up and she said good bye at the same time I could smell some other guy she said no way and turned the other cheek and ran to the bedroom to change her sheets oh darling you want this chump to waste his time take it all and then say your mine you said you'd be there if I need you I need you I won't wait no more for the sun to shine cause you'll be gone tomorrow dirty ho and I'll be fine so you just remember when you're climbing those big old trees that no matter who you screw you won't do better than me so baby Chorus Time me down and cheat on me This kick me sign still keeps on followin followin follow followin followin follow hey baby you know what I' m sick of your shit I can feel your pain really You know what I'm enjoying it My head got thick I was ready to go She tried to stop me quick I'm about to explode Mama ain't raise no fool no doubt But if she didn't let go I would've socked her in her mouth Oh d
arling You really think you won this game A game and you're the only one that's playin' I'm saying though I thought we had a good thing but you don't hear me tho You said a lot of things I know For example like you'd be there if I needed you but you weren't there and I needed ya so listen up honey ima say this one last time Chorus (Thanks to ChloƩ for these lyrics)

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