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Album: Track 6 on Sweet Little Nothing
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when I was about 13 years old I fell in love her name was hip-hop.. Why won't you Give me the time to give you guys the time of your life Got a chance to prove myself I better say it right A mic check yo is this mic on On another note I wanna rock your boat Like a tidal wave who's got a line to save My day from becomin' like the rest I got a lot to say why don't I save my breath I'm on another quest and you're my humble guest So please jump in peep this tune I'm hummin' I think you'd really love it That's a sweet assumption They call me johnny five why don't you sing me somethin' Chorus So you're asking me Why I did what I did pull a quick one on love I didn't pull she pushed I've had enough so I'm movin' on up I didn't climb on ride on any kinda freeway Braggin' 'bout my writes hyped tryin' to buy some leeway was digging in the crates Found my way out by mistake They put the light up on my face No one cared about my faith No one heard of johnny five So let me tell ya right now how boy came alive Lost in L
.A. watching cats rocking open mics Took a leap of faith grabbed the mic and proved my hype It's been a long time and I never asked anyone to believe Until now hows my voice sounding in your dreams Imagine what'll happen when the crowds start clappin' And I turn to the cameras like "you call that rappin?" Chorus It's johnny five I write songs and kill herbs Like an angry chef on prozac tryin' to control his violent urge And dusty plays the back pushin' buttons like drunk Russians like Oops I did it again Drillin' 'em from over consumption of unintelligent malevolence Slow down they're not getting' it it's your last chance so try settin it Cause I'm settin it up in less than five steps its dusty white and johnny five And we're as live as it gets come on Chorus

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