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[kid giggles]
[Kid 1 (Kid 2):]
We...just gonna get our shit together...[?]
(Man, get yo stuff, man c'mon) Yo, don't RUSH me, man!
Man, it's startin man, yo...you heard me, right?
(Nigga, what?!) Don't rush me that's what!
(Yo hurry up, shit!) [smacks lips] What's the rush, man?
What's the big - (Forget all that man, c'mon!)
Naw, man I need to make sure my shit is dope
(Nigga, the album is startin! Man look, he's right there, look!) [applause]
Aight, aight..
[J-Live (Kid 1) {crowd}:]
PEACE! (Ha ha!)
Ladies and gentlemen {Shhhh!}
Gods and earths
Brothers and sisters
Kings and queens (Yeah, that's right) {SHH!}

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