J. Holiday - Betcha Never Had Lyrics

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Album: Track 5 on Back of My Lac
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Body like a mutha ****a,damn baby u
Ridin like a vet trucker,hold up what u say
I'll be pleasin you u'll be pleasin me
Promise me u'll stay here and never leave me
But hold up let me say somethin,pretty mamma thang
Why am I gonna tell you somethin,that I don't mean
Cuz we in the heat of the moment,ima give u the biz b4 I came to the house I told u
Don't be catchin fellins

I can tell you never had
A ***** this young put it on ya
Askin why I wint stay the night,and hold ya
I can tell you never had
A young ***** take the cat,from ya
Then say I say cant staygot
Something else to tend to
I can tell you ain't never had it had it had it
Now why you gotta make this

A situation
You met the kid and decided
That u wanted to dig in
When I said u agreed that it
Wouldn't be no static
Yes I promise to heat it up
Take it down south girl and eat it up
I never agreed to have chains on me
When it came to leave


Damn I cant lie,I know
U got skill babe,u want us to be close
But I'm not ready to let go
Of bein free to lay my head
Where I fell like
Girl,I told you once b4 so just
Can you understand

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