Wish I Had Not Said That Lyrics

J.J. Cale

writers: J. J. Cale
album: Track 9 in album Shades
release date: 1981-2
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length: 3:23
gut guitar: Christine Lakeland, J.J. Cale
piano: J.J. Cale, Christine Lakeland
electric guitar: J.J. Cale
drums: Hayward Bishop
bass: Michael Rhodes
Moog: Christine Lakeland
percussion: Christine Lakeland
mix: J.J. Cale
producer: J.J. Cale, Audie Ashworth
recording: J.J. Cale, Audie Ashworth
vocal: Christine Lakeland, J.J. Cale

Cover Art

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You don't come here too often.
You make my day when you come around.
Vou know I love you something awful.
You're a diamond I have found.

Wish I had not said that
If I could only close you out of my mind.
Sunset passes oh so sweetly

Gives a man just time to think.
Freeze the image of your body

Fantasy is just a blink.
Wish I had not said that
. . .
It don't matter what you're into

If I could taste you once again.
Feel the pain and the pleasure

We could make it to the end.
Wish I had not said that
. . .
Wish I had not said that
. . .

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