Ja Rule - The Inc Intro Lyrics

Writer(s) : ATKINS, JEFFREY B.
Artist: Ja Rule Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on R.U.L.E.
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[Ja:] I anit much on prayin' now
[people:] Alright its alright...
[Ja:] I never really known my daddy
[people:] Preach Preach brother preach
[Ja:] My mommas only child street raising
[people:] We feel you
[Ja:] I feel funny
[people:] Its alright let it out man
[Ja:] You know ya'll ya'll the only family I got
[people:] You bet
[Ja:] I guess it really don't matter what happens tomorrow
[People:] Amen
Oh my lord....

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