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Writer(s) : INGRAM
Artist: Jack Ingram Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Hey You
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Where in hell did you go
You left us all alone I wasn't even eighteen
You never turned around
Like some kid out on the run
You headed for the fun down in Biloxi
And the Gulf of Mexico

Where I guess the girls they're pretty
And nobody says it's late
And you can stay out all night long and never have hell to pay
Down in Biloxi
Even when you're forty-one
Just forget your problems
Down in Biloxi

And you only came around
To take a rest and come down from Biloxi
But you were not the same
Pretending that you cared
Pretending you were there and not in Biloxi
And the Gulf of Mexico


Did you really think you'd find
More than you left behind back home in Houston
We all felt the loss
I don't mean to bring you down
But I wonder what you found there in Biloxi
Tell me, was it worth the cost

Well I hope the girls were pretty
And nobody said it was late
And I hope you stayed out all night long and never had hell to pay
Down in Biloxi
When you were forty-one
You just forgot your problems
Down in Biloxi.

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