Jack Ingram - One Thing Lyrics

Writer(s) : JACK INGRAM
Artist: Jack Ingram Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Electric
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I used to be so down and out
I used to be so blue
Now the only thing I talk about
The only thing I do
Is spin around like a school kid
Just off the merry-go-round
I'm dizzy but it's 'cause I'm headed
To the one good thing I've found

One thing as good as gold
I'm nothing without you to hold
One thing I know in this world
Is I need you to be my girl

I got so good at hiding
I couldn't find myself
Ya but baby you got me smiling
And feeling like someone else
Yeah you changed my makeup
I ain't the same sad clown
Ya ever since you showed up
Hey this ain't the same sad town

[Chorus: x3]

Be my girl
You're the one thing
You're the one thing
You're the one thing.

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