Jack Ingram - You Never Leave Lyrics

Writer(s) : JACK INGRAM
Artist: Jack Ingram Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Electric
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I don't know why you surprise me
You've said it all before
How you've sold yourself short
And you deserve more

But you never leave
You wake up in the morning
You've slept another one off
You say, â??I'm sorry I just got lost
Feeling alone and out of touchâ??
But you'd never leave
You'd never leave
Now you see
That you still love me

And I'm sorry that when things get strange
You look at me to lay the blame
But I love you more than you think you know
So don't be surprised if I'm the one to go

â??Cause you'd never leave
You'd never leave
You're waiting on me
To set you free
You'd never leave

Now I dream at night I'm lying
Right there next to you
Now I dream if we keep trying
We'll pull through
But I wake up screaming
And no one's there
And I realize that you weren't so scared
To be the one walking out the door
And if I had been what you were looking for

You'd never leave
You'd never leave
If you were counting on me
To set you free
You'd never leave
You never leave
You set yourself free
I've got your memory
You never leave

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