Jack Off Jill - Confederate Fag Lyrics

Artist: Jack Off Jill Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Cockroach Waltz
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Mama killed the baby
Now the daddy was in town
Drove up in his pick-up truck
and buried her underground
The rebel force will save me
Pink panties all around
What they said is so unreal
I guess it was profound, when they said
Mr. Anti-everything
Atari stick in hand
Bat me on the forehead
So I could understand
He smeared his face with lipstick
And yelled and screamed real loud
Point in my direction
and rub semen on the crowd
When he said
Everyone needs a hero
Nobody needs a star
Will you still adore me
When I've gone way too far
The rebel force will save me
They grabbed my little hand
Threw me in a pick-up truck
Cause I don't understand.

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