Jackie Greene - I'm So Gone Lyrics

Writer(s) : GREENE, JACKIE
Artist: Jackie Greene Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on American Myth
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Hey poor mama,
what say you?
what say you this day?
Hey poor mama,
where's your baby?
Lost and gone away

She went walking
no goodbye's
she went wandering astray
Hey poor mama
what say you
what say you today?

Cold black devil
left us crying
left us crying in shame
No such Heaven
Heaven gone now
can't go on this way

listen to me
oh listen good
oh listen good
find a good man
strong and able
am i understood?

He came from somewhere
Big city somewhere
Came with smoke in his eye
Spending money
Money, money
Money, lust and pride

He went talking
Talked for miles
Miles of fortunes he told
Charmed our baby
Right from our arms
Right into the cold

Hey poor mama
what say you?
what say you this day?
Hey poor mama
where's your baby
lost and gone away?

oh dig for silver
dig for gold
dig for diamonds too
all that digging
you'll get old
it will bury you

well i'll walk for, 14 miles
and i'll run for 14 too

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