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Jackopierce Sweet Ocean Lyrics

Artist: Jackopierce Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Woman as Salvation

"Oh sweet ocean, let me fall down in you
Let me look up at the sky
Through your rippling liquid lens

Let the air out of my lungs
So I can breathe like I'm in a dream
And then slowly I can move across your floor
And I can open up your coral doors

My hair is like seaweed
Slow movements of my hands
I'm feeling very tired so
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I'll lay down on your sand
'Cuz I'm dreaming

All these colored slivers
Make their way around
I'm a stranger in Atlantis
But I move without sound

Oh sweet ocean (oh sweet ocean)
Oh sweet ocean yeah yeah yeah
Oh sweet ocean (oh sweet ocean)
Oh sweet ocean yeah yeah"
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