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Artist: Jackson Browne Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Hold Out
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In the morning when I closed my eyes
You were sleeping in paradise
While the room was growing light
I was holding still with all my might

Oh-what if it's true
What my heart says
Oh-what'll I do
What if this feeling becomes hard to part with

You were meant to play your part
In the design of a desperate heart
While you gave your love to me
I was betting I was getting it free

Oh-if I'd only know
What your heart cost
Oh-can we call it a loan
And a debt that I owe
On a bet that I lost

In the evening when you see my eyes
Looking back at you, no disguise
I'm not sure who you think you'll see
I'm just hoping you'll still know that it's me

Oh-what if it's true
Better ask the man inside
Oh-there seem to be two
One steals the love
The other one hides

Yeah-can we call it a loan
Till I've paid in full for the seeds I've sown
Yeah-can we say that I've grown in some way
That we may have yet to be shown

Oh-if I'd only known
What your heart cost
Oh-can we call it a loan
And a debt that I own
On a bet that I lost

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