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Album: Track 8 on Resurrected
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I've been wondering
How'm I ever gonna get old
When there's war in the east, war in the west
And armagedon's already foretold.
Do you ever wonder how we're gonna get by?
Love isn't all we need,
But baby I'm sure gonna try.
I'm gonna keep it real right here.
And all y'all don't have to believe us
But you better start asking why
From Sellassie- I, or Ghandi, or Jesus.
Or maybe look deep in your heart:
Mohamed says it won't steer you wrong.
But don't you what too long,
Before the whole world's gone.
I believe that we should all exist together.
That's the only way that we can stand through stormy weather.
Anyone who say he's chosen and is therefore better,
Better be right.
'Cause on Judgment Night
Not everyone will be saved.
Not everyone will be saved.
Better clear out that chakra,
Before Old Man Time done gotcha.
Your karma and your aura too
'Cause he ain't gon take no IOU's.
And some of your beliefs are just
New twists on old school prejudice.
Truth is what you need.
Some of ya'll only believe what you want to believe.

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