Jackyl - Back Off Brother Lyrics

Writer(s) : JESSE DUPREE
Artist: Jackyl Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Jackyl
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How's it feel to be so black?
How's it feel to be so white?
How's it feel to worry about things
And never know who's wrong or right

Looking at things on the other side
Have you got everything or only your pride

Back off brother
Live and let live just like any other
Back off brother
'Cause I don't owe you nothing
And I don't want nothing from you

Preacher man he act so good
Says he don't but I know he would
STick his head up the hole of love
ANd forget all about the Lord above

Looking at things on the other side
Flames of hell gonna burn his hide


Back off
committee wants to rate my song
Back off
Won't leave well enough alone
Back off
But my time will come and theirs will pass
Back off
Uncle Sam will kiss my ***
Looking at things from the other side
My red wagon is gonna be the ride

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