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Artist: Jackyl Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Push Comes to Shove
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Hey Mister Radio can I slide into your daytime
I promise we'll make some classic rock history
I once played a party where some college dudes lived
I guess that means my music can be called alternative

I did not choose the road I had to take
It's the American way I had to make it my own break

This is my life and I'm down to my soul
This is my life, this is my rock and roll
This is my life and I've taken control of me

You had it locked tight but I slipped through the crack
You dug the hole now it's broken your back
Now take a good look at me, look at my face
I am the one that has taken your place

I do not fear the things I feared before
You had control but I wanted it more than you


It's all about me

Hey Mister Radio can I slide into your daytime
I promise we'll make some great ratings history
I just need a break from your relentless routine
You gotta make your own break, don't you know what I mean

I will not follow your format no more
This is the future, let's see what's in store for me


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