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Artist: Jackyl Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Push Comes to Shove
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Look at me ain't got no money
Look at me ain't got no ride
Look at me I'm so together
But you ain't seen the other side

I'm living in my own private hell
From the looks of me you know it's hard to tell
That I'm living in my own private hell
And from the inside looking out you know it's just as well

Well you tell me what's so funny
And I'll stop ha, ha, laughing at you
You think you know just what's my problem
But you haven't got a clue


You know it's just as well
I'm in my own private hell

Texas ain't so big when you're a wanted man
And the desert ain't so dry when you're soaking wet within
And the sky ain't so high when you're looking down on a cloud
No I ain't got nothing
But I'm god damned proud


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