Jackyl - Sparks From Candy Lyrics

Writer(s) : Dupree, Jesse James
Artist: Jackyl Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Relentless
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One drop dead shaky leg on the floor
Not it
I love to see you quiver
Atomic, nymphonic
You want it heavy baby, I weigh a ton
Blacklight, poster love
Show me your velvet Elvis swirl
Elvis girl
Spank love in a gentle way
All the way, all the way, all the way

Sparks from Candy
A butterfly in a jar
I smell danger
How can it melt in your mouth,
I don't understand
Unless it melts in your hand

A payday in a big way
Don't stop until it spills on the floor
A roller coaster car gonna jump off the track
You're it
I love to see your quiver
Black light shine from above
Show me your double dippin' delight
Out of sight
Spank love in a gentle way
I feel you breathe, I feel you breathe, I feel you breathe


Hand me a double dose
No need to fudge
I'm gonna die from it
If decadence don't give me the nudge
And I can't stop to see why we don't start tonight

One drop dead shaky leg on the floor
You're it


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