Jadakiss Death Wish Lyrics

Artist: Jadakiss
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Royalty Network
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Length: 3:24

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They must got a death wish
They was on the road to the riches back in the day they got off on the exit
Trill disrespect ****
Whenever a ***** try to **** up your investment
It's hard to digest it
Young *****s don't want to get punched in they faces
So they keep the burner on, to catch a bunch of cases
These old *****s still think they livin' in the '80s
The shawties they knew since they were babies turn crazy
The *****es still holla at anybody
Lookin' like they have a couple dollars
**** suck and swallow
Ain't nobody winnin' but everybody can't lose
Dirts still there funeral home ain't move
Going in coming out gang affiliated
Rather go back before being humiliated
A black cloud over the hood you can't escape it
Dust smokin' *****s walk around in the matrix
Loyalty is thin, tension is thick
Look at a broke *****'s face when you mention a brick
Stick up kids come around, when they sense that you rich
Cans of lizzle get lit, when you get hit with a fifth
*****s they used to hoop dreamin' is now sellin' the piff
And they still rattin' but you can't tell if you stiff
Especially when the tek spit, **** around get your head and your neck hit
Lookin' for a death wish, walk

[Chorus: Jadakiss]
Talkin' out your mouth
All wreckless to a ***** that you know
That'll let it off
That's a death wish
When your heart stops and your body gets breathless
And help don't come in enough time
That's a death wish
When you see the blood, realize that your chest is hit
And don't know where it came from
That's a death wish
When you know a ***** whole style's on select ****
(young money)when you violate 'em, fwah
That's a death wish

[Lil Wayne]
On that way left ****
Better get right or get left ****
Better hit right or get left, hit
Even if you threw the best pitch
Yes *****
It's Weezy F. *****
I'm the best, *****
********** your guest list
I'll be like let's just kill 'em
And get breakfast
Neck slit, next **** expect this
Every time you check this
I'm exit I mean excited to be your death wish
***** I wear this G-**** on my heart not my necklace
And I keep the hypno' for the hecklers
And I'm from the mecca of the wreckless
With a record-breaking debt list
The wreckers and neglectors think all that **** won't affect us
I'm high above you above law above average
*****s snitching putting *****s in the can like a beverage
I pop out your head **** up your memories
I'll put a bullet in Nina head and let her reminisce
You still don't remember ****
You gon' remember this
I'm knockin' *****s down this year
I'm on my timber ****
Big lion growl at you *****s on that simba ****
I be on that **** yo clique I kill every member ****
Cool as December ****
Bang in any weather ****
And they can buy your bag but the parts sold separate
Yea that's a bad *****
Like Russian roulette *****
Weezy be the genie in the bottle here's your death wish

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