Jadakiss Dope Boys Lyrics

Artist: Jadakiss
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ft Styles P
Ride my niggas is to order the..
dope boy, dope boy land is around the block
light smoke with my niggas to hire never stop
dope boy, dope boy nigga we getting nuts
dope boy, dope boy order upon the clock
dope boy, dope boy..no spots

Dope boy, dope boy make a Montaga
f*ck around with me get higher and keep legend
ride with my niggas to all of us eat..
pitch cool on pitch tree even got a pitch level
pitch bitch drive and getting my street..
dope from north to south
money from south to north
but out of loss
always dope one debt no drouts of course


I know you're seeing the line outside

you know what that mean I'm getting mine outside
how much is that well it's a dime outside
at the twelve and 15 they ground outside
that dope is from south east Asia
cut it one nuttle back ..the favor
the money ain't right and the thing pot
ain't Lucas but this dope came from ..


Same shit that made Ray Charles down the hooks
yeah and diamond coins right them books
if it's good get it all 'cause you got your bunch
could become a millionaire in the mad of months
profit that you could see your..
somebody d your ..
mh, nothing to a rich nigga see his fast money
but the deep get you rich quicker

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