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I go up, I go up in things
I go up, I go up in things
I go up, I go up in things
I go up, I go up

I still got money strapped in my clothes
Fucking with this trunk I got it won’t close
… on my dick, lit it up and just pose
Time on this watch I got just froze
I’m an asshole you know how shit goes
Ball like Derek, top that just rose
Rolling with a bitch surrounded by foes
She should have ever started, way that bitch blows
Suicide, somebody close the doors
…but they fly like taking the trip
You know we out of control, taking a slip
If he checking on me, he taking the clip
… money in the duffle bag, yeah it’s packed up
Should have been on rack city, I’m racked up
Tell them I’m here to make a movie, act up
Still king of the city, fall back
Swag on some other shit like you all that
Everything a nigga roll in, all black
Nigga if I ain’t the truth, what you call that?
I don’t know but I know I’m still payin
… all hoes get played
All on a nigga head like a set of clippers
Never been no competition that I can’t face
Got money but I’m still trying to get more
In the club, …that I won’t go
Fuck grinding… I’m about the stove…
I, I, I ain’t the one but I’ll show this paper
Fuck I’ma show this paper, … I’ma blow this paper

I go up, I go up in things
I go up, I go up in things
I go up, I go up in things
I go up, I go up

In the hood with that iron tucked
In that trap but nigga I ain’t stuck
Life’s a bitch nigga then I ain’t fuck
When it come to bricks nigga I buys em up
Made your money, I’m getting paid
Hitting bitches, I’m getting laid
Hiding out when the police gonna raid
Riding out when I lift that gauge
Talking keys nigga get that way
Fans love me when I hit that stage
Same book nigga different page
Yeah it’s purple but it’s different haze
More pipes, the insides is suede
Yeah, it’s custom I got that made
Keep the blinky, I got that blade
Keep the aces, I got that spade
Feel like Big when we spit that bone
Cop the bricks nigga, get that home
Got the bitch nigga get that dome
Cop the six, you need a clip and chrome
You don’t touch me when I’m in that zone
Dog is hungry I’ma get that bone
Coke is yelling when that brick is good
The wizard of Oz can’t get you home

I go up, I go up in things
I go up, I go up in things
I go up, I go up in things
I go up, I go up.

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