Jag Panzer - Displacement Lyrics

Artist: Jag Panzer Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on The Age of Mastery
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Circus goes 'round in my mind
Leaving all logic behind
How can I be living here ?
When I am no where near
Imagination has got the best of me
Turning one man into many
Outside I am silent
Inside I'm so violent !
I'm beside myself
Am I me or someone else ?
Struggle to find a way home
No longer alone
Busy inside all the time
So many live inside my mind
Some have such loving ways
Some need to inflict pain !
My name is legion for I am many
Inside we are all we need
To release myself from this prison
Reborn into flesh again
My friends shall follow leaving no one
A shell of human remains
The many out weight the one
My sacrifice made will be you
Trigger responses to fear
The weak one is no longer near
Impulses that drive me to
Things I don't want to do

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