Jah Cure - Love Is Lyrics

Artist: Jah Cure Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Free Jah Cure
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Love is much more to life than just words
Love is much more than to say you love
Love is, "Call on me brother"
Love is, "Call on me sister"

When you love someone
Love from your heart
'Cause love is the start
Love is the answer for every question
Just ask yourself why
Love is the key
Open the door when close your face
Love shows you the way
When you're lost (lost)
And can't find your way

Love is the only thing we have to share
Don't you forget that, I hope you hear
Sending my message to you out there
I hope you get it clear
Do not be a sigmite and mistake every sound
Whenever you see my face
Always a smile but a resting frown


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