Jah Cure Trust Me Lyrics

Artist: Jah Cure
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Ummm.. oh nah nah nah
oh nah nah nah
Trust me
I will never pull another prank on you baby
Trust me
Cause I done with the hanky panky baby
Trust me
And I give you more loving than you can take baby
All im asking is for you to trust me
First Verse
Welcome to paradise
My brand new way of life
I put myself in all lies and extinction
Now go hide those days
Man you’re predicting a waste
Second Verse
Im giving thanks that you’re always there for me
Now I know heaven is on my side
I need to know you willing and deep down inside you chillin
I need to know that between us we go nothing to hideee
Third Verse
Finest things in life (is what I wanna give you)
Like lemonade on ice (you better get used to)
Me comin home in time (just before you think you)
Can hit the pillow or kiss the children goodnight
Yeah Yeah yeah yeahhhh
Thanks to Mih youth
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